Ask Me Anything!! #AskMsGoldgirl

Since this time of year is the time to review and reflect, I realized that I have gained around 20,000 subscribers since this time last year.  WOW!!  I’m really quite shocked and overjoyed.  I also realized that you probably haven’t watched all 593 of my past videos, so there might be a few questions you have for me.  
I know many of you read my blog because of my YouTube channel, but just in case you don’t, I wanted to give my blog readers the chance to ask me just about anything you’d like in an effort to get to know me better.  I’ll answer as many questions as I can in a video in a week or two, and I’ll also post the link to that video on the blog.  If I get more questions than I can reasonably answer in a 15 minute video, I’ll do a follow-up video to that as well.
So get cracking-ask me anything you’d like in the comments below, or if you’d rather, you can also ask me on Twitter-just use the hashtag #AskMsGoldgirl so I can find it!
Thanks in advance for your questions!

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