Current Drugstore Favorites

I think the title of this post is misleading.  These really aren’t my “current” favorites, for most of the items mentioned, they have been standouts and part of my daily routine for years.  Of course, there are a few new additions to the list, but really, these drugstore products are the workhorses of my makeup routine.  I have repurchased them over and over, and I feel they are just as good as, if not better than many of their high-end counterparts.
I’ve tried to break it down into categories to make for easier reference.  It’s quite a list, so settle in and grab a favorite beverage!
* (my shade is Ivory)
I really didn’t think I’d like this foundation when I first picked it up.  Since it’s more of a matte finish and I have dry skin, I figured this would not work for me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I wear it almost every day, for special occasions (like TV appearances) and running to the grocery store.  It comes in many different shades, and it’s easy to apply and long-wearing.  The coverage is medium to full.
My friend Erin Busbee turned me on to this product, and I love it.  I use it either mixed with a foundation to give it a bit more glow, or underneath foundation to help get it across my dry, parched skin.  A little goes a long way!
This has been my go-to highlighter for years.  At only $9, it’s as good as if not better than pretty much every highlighter I’ve tried.  Unfortunately, it’s only available at Walmart, but it’s worth the trip.  I’d say it’s not quite as shimmery as the Balm’s Mary Lou-manizer, but it’s very reflective.  For those that are heavy handed or more on the conservative side, it’s a good choice for the evening.
The British just seem to do drugstore products better.  I think this product is an excellent dupe for the Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder or Lorac Spotlight.  The fact that it comes in a flat, small compact makes it incredibly travel friendly, and this little guy has traveled with me all over the world!  This is a great highlighter for every day.
Unfortunately, this is not my favorite bronzer, but it is a favorite in the drugstore category.  For some reason, as I’ve gotten older, my skin has gotten paler, and bronzers that I used to love now pull muddy and orange on me.  This one only works when I have a bit of a tan, but I love the price and the packaging.
There’s not a lot to say.  The packaging is crap, but the product is excellent.  Get it.  Especially for the hot summer coming up!
Maybelline has really come a long way in the last few years, and this product is right up there with all the other salmon under eye concealers that have hit the market recently.  It’s a great price and easy to use.
I have bought at least 4 tubes of this stuff.  It never settles in my creases, it brightens my under eye area, and it comes in a shade light enough for my albino face.  Love!
I LOVE THIS STUFF!!  It matches my skin perfectly, it blends seamlessly into my foundation, it covers blemishes, and it stays put. Love that it comes in yellow and pink toned shades.
This may have been one of the first blushes I bought after I started my YouTube channel.  It’s the perfect blush when you don’t know what else to use.  A soft, matte pink, it’s very flattering on lighter skin tones.
I keep picking the lightest of shades for blush, but the reality is, any of the shades in the brands I’ve mentioned are great.  The blush is soft to the touch and blends well.
I picked Luminoso because it’s the most versatile of the shades, but the whole line is excellent.  Wait for a sale and grab as many as you can!
I hate the packaging, but I love the blush.  It is very similar to some high-end blushes that now come with a pop of extra color in the middle.  PF seems to be ahead of the game with this one.
I love the price point, I love the color selection, and they’re not hard in consistency.  Buy one in every color!
NYX lip glosses, in all their incarnations, are excellent.  This one is very moisturizing, great pigment, and smells yummy!
I like my lip glosses non-sticky and opaque.  This one ticks all the boxes!
I’m going to have to eat my words on this one-I love the pigmentation and the consistency of these glosses.  I do still think they’re overpriced for what they are, so wait for a sale!
These are very similar to the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Glosses, but a little less expensive and they smell amazing!!
I reach for this several times a week.  It’s a bright pink, but wearable.  I recommend this if you want to try a brighter color but don’t know where to start.  The color is opaque and creamy.
If you want to jump on the orange trend, this is a great lipstick to try.  The price is good, the formulation is great, and it’s quite wearable.  If it scares you a bit, try putting it on with your finger for a more sheer look.
The brush is easy to use, the polish goes on easily, and it really does dry in 60 seconds. I’ve received more compliments on this color than any other nail polish I’ve worn.
It’s cheap. You can get it everywhere. It works.  That’s all I can say about a base coat!
When I saw this on someone’s channel, I knew I had to have it.  I love that it offers two color options, and the little tools included speak to my gadget loving heart.
Clear mascaras are a necessary evil.  They all get, for lack of a better word, “gooky”.  Why spend a lot of money on something that gets like that?  Get this!
It’s cheap.  It makes my lashes look huge.  It’s cheap.  Enough said.
I feel like this is the exact same thing as the NARS Pro Prime, just $20 less.  Seriously.
I feel like songs should be written about this eyeshadow trio.  It will always be in my collection.  If they discontinue it, I will hoard this like I’m preparing for a nuclear holocaust.
This is a new item in my collection, but I really love it.  The shadows are soft and buttery, and they are a perfect complement to my shimmery shadows.  Great for travel, too!
My first palette from the UK, it’s one of the most versatile palettes I have.  It usually comes with me when I travel.  It lacks a few matte shades, but now that I have the PF Matte quad, the two palettes together are perfection.
These eyeliners beat out every other liner I’ve tried.  Urban Decay, Avon, you name it, the colors are beautiful, and they STAY PUT! No smudging, no raccoon eyes.  LOVE!!  Get every color!
These are the heroes of the cream shadow world!  They do dry up after awhile, but the color selections are fabulous and they perform as well as if not better than the famous MAC paint pots.  I usually wear them under shadow so they double as a primer for me, but they are beautiful to wear on their own.
If you want to hear more about what I have to say about the above products, as well as see some swatches, please watch the video below:

So, there you have it, the exhaustive list of my current drugstore favorites.  If you have any suggestions of things I need to add to my collection, feel free to comment below!!  
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