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My Current Favorite EyeshadowsOf all the products in my makeup collection, I think the largest category is eyeshadows.  I just keep buying them, searching for that one perfect palette…and then there’s always a new one released that I just “have” to have!  Lately I find myself reaching for the same ones over and over, so I thought I’d share my current favorite eyeshadows with you, as of July 2016!

My collection of favorite eyeshadows is split almost 50/50 between drugstore and high-end.  My drugstore favorites are favorites not because they’re less expensive, but because they’re just great eyeshadows, period.  First on the list is the Physicians Formula Quad in Classic Nudes.  EVERYONE needs this in their life-it’s the perfect matte quad for those that prefer warm toned neutrals.  They also make a cool-toned version, but I like this one the best.  It’s also said that all four shades are exact dupes for corresponding Mac shadows, but whether or not that’s true doesn’t matter.  The quad has everything you need, it’s travel friendly, and it’s the perfect companion to any shimmer palette.

Next are the shimmers from the drugstore, and no surprise, they’re all warm-toned neutrals.  First are my two favorites from the L’Oreal Infallible line: and .   is actually a bit more cool-toned, but depending on what you pair it with, it can lean either way.  My most recent addition to my collection and my most worn of late is the .  The colors are right up my street, the shadows are pigmented and buttery soft…it’s just a great palette!

Next are the higher-end palettes, although most of them are quite reasonable (until I get to my last pick). I’ve recently discovered a new-found love for matte shadows, so I’ve been putting the two It Cosmetics palettes in heavy rotation lately.  I can’t say which palette I really prefer-I love both the AND the .  It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in.  I think the has more warm tones to choose from, so that seems to get used a bit more. For a palette that’s a little more on the cool-toned side (or maybe it’s just really a true neutral) I love the .  I also love how compact it is, which makes it great for travel.  Then we come to my collection.  I LOVE these palettes!! I could give up all my Urban Decay Naked palettes and not miss them at all, but I will never be able to live without my !  My most used out of the Chocolate collection are the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, Too Faced Bon Bons Palette, and the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.  Unfortunately the Sweet Peach palette is constantly sold out, so just be on the lookout for it.  If you’re a regular reader of the blog or viewer of my YouTube channel, you’ll have seen these in action or mentioned quite a bit, so I don’t need to go into too much detail here.  They’re all great, and I would be hard pressed to pick one over the other, so I won’t!  My final pick is a total indulgence, but I do use it and love it, so I need to share it here.  It’s the Tom Ford Quad in Cocoa Mirage, and the most used shade is the top right one-it’s the perfect crease shade!!  I know it’s an expensive option, but if you’re willing to splash out some serious cash for a bit of a treat, you won’t be disappointed.

Are any of my favorite shadows your favorites as well? Is there a palette or individual shadow that you think I absolutely must have?  The next palette to have caught my eye is the ..have any of you tried it yet?

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  1. My favorites right now are the Cover Girl Nudes! I love the Nude best but I also have the other two… Golden and Rose. Soft and easy on the budget! My other fave is Naked’s Basic 1. Love the eye make up look you have on in this video, but I see it is the Too Faced Peaches palette that is out of stock.

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