Dorm Haul-Getting the Room Ready

Dorm HaulWell, it’s happening.  This time next week, Jake will be at Ole Miss, getting ready to move into his first dorm room, approximately 650 miles away from home.  Jake couldn’t be more thrilled, but me, not so much.  However, an excellent way to distract yourself from the pain of sending your child away from home is to shop for all their dorm room essentials.  Let me tell you, it’s like planning a military campaign!  I’ve read blog posts, watched YouTube videos, printed off recommended checklists, and turned my dining room into the dorm room staging area.  Now all we need to do is figure out how to stuff all this in the car and get it to Mississippi!  You can watch the video of my ginormous dorm haul HERE, or just scroll below to see what I had already accumulated when I shot this video back in mid-July. The scary thing is that my pile has nearly doubled!! I’ll be sure to check back in after we move Jake in and let you know if all this stuff was really necessary!!

There are a few more things mentioned in the actual video, and I do have to list two sites that have been rather helpful in my planning.  Be sure to check out SoulFeed for a great checklist and excellent blog posts about getting ready to separate yourself from your child.  Also, is an amazing resource.  They even offer the option to order everything online and then have it waiting for you to pick up in the store nearest your child’s university!! Pretty cool!

I know this may be a bit late for those of you that are also gearing up for saying goodbye this month, but for those of you with high school seniors, hopefully this will be something you can keep in the back of your mind as you enjoy your child’s last year at home!

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