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Marnie Goldberg talks about the viewer favorites-the top sellers from 2016.We made it to the end!! The last of my Best of 2016 series…yes, I stretched this one out a bit, but there were so many favorites to share, how could I cram it into one or two posts?  This one was my favorite to do (my favorite of the favorites), because I wasn’t the one to pick out the “best of” products-you did! The items I’m about to share with you were the ones that were my Top Sellers from 2016-essentially the “Viewer Favorites”.  One thing stood out for certain-we all LOVED the , because everything except for one item I’m about to show you came from there!!  So, if you’re not familiar with the most wonderful sale on earth, let me fill you in…it happens once a year, in mid-July and goes on into the first week of August.   cardholders get almost a whole week of first access before the sale is opened up to everyone else.  What’s so great about it?   pretty much puts the whole store on sale-and not the end of the season stuff–no ma’am–it’s what’s COMING into season!!  That’s right–you get to buy all your fall/winter clothes, Christmas presents, shoes, anything you or any human being could possibly need or want in the areas of clothing, makeup, and even home decor BEFORE the season actually starts, at deep, deep discount.  It’s madness and I love it!! I also start budgeting and saving for next year’s sale the minute the current sale is over, and trust me, it’s worth it!!

All right, now that you have the penciled in on your calendars, let’s see what your favorites were from 2016! Counting down from 10 to #1, we have….

These come in three colors, and I have two of them.  They’re soft, they’re comfortable, but let’s face it, it’s like wearing pajama bottoms in public but everyone thinks you look cool. Why wouldn’t you want them?

There’s a reason all I could find is this tiny picture-unfortunately it’s no longer available.  We all loved it, since it’s #9 on the list, and I loved it so much I bought it in navy, a soft coral and grey. currently has a in the same fabric but with a crew-neck, which is frankly a better option when it’s cold.

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan
I’m sure you’re all sick of me going on and on about this cardigan/brand, so all I’ll say is that if you haven’t touched or worn an actual Barefoot Dreams piece of clothing, you don’t know what you’re missing. Rectify that!

BP Woven Twill Tunic, #7 on the Top Sellers of 2016 from MsGoldgirlBP Woven Twill Tunic
Here’s the biggest reason to shop the -they feature really great stuff at low prices, then it sells out and disappears forever.  Like this shirt. Insert sad emoji face here….

BlankNYC Morning Suede Moto Jacket
I have few regrets in life, but one of them is not grabbing this jacket during the sale.  It seems like a lot of you did, since this one comes in at #6 on the Top Sellers list.  It’s still available in a bunch of colors, but now it’s just under $200 (which is still a great price) instead of closer to $100 (or was it less than $100?).  Oh well…fun fact.  During the sale this color was originally described as “Midnight Toker”.  Someone has a sense of humor at ! Now it’s something like Coffee Bean. Hmm…

Pleione Split Neck Mixed Media Tunic
I buy one or two of these during every .  The good news is that these are always in stock, pretty much year round, and they go on sale quite a bit.  It’s a very flattering fit, but they do run a bit big, so you can even go down a size if you want. I stay true to my size so it’s long enough to cover my tush.  It also comes in petite sizes and runs up to size 16.

Caslon Draped Utility Jacket
Here’s another one that came and went with the sale.  Luckily, I found another one at that looks just like it, and I think it fits in a way that’s a bit more flattering.  I think of this as a little more grown up than the usual utility jacket, and the weight is good to wear for 3 seasons.

The Rebecca Minkoff Vanity Saddle Bag is #3 on the Top Sellers of 2016 on MsGoldgirl list.
This was the one item I “had” to have from the sale…and I’m so glad I got it!  It’s an almost perfect dupe for a Chloe bag I’ve wanted for years, but it came in at $200 and change instead of $2000.  It disappeared DURING the sale, but brought it back out again in even more colors.  Regular price it’s at $400, but it’s still a still compared to the Chloe!

The Caslon Burnout Sweatshirt came in at #2 on the Top Sellers of 2016 list on MsGoldgirl.Caslon Burnout Sweatshirt
I have two of these, and I want more.  Here’s the funny thing-it was my top seller from the time the sale was going on, but this item wasn’t actually on sale!! It’s that amazing! It’s still in stock at , so I’d snatch one up while you still can. It’s the softest sweatshirt, but also very lightweight, so you can layer it over and under pieces.  It’s so versatile!

Pleione High Low V-Neck Mixed Media Top is the #1 Top Seller from 2016 on MsGoldgirl
And here we have it, the #1 Top Seller from 2016 on MsGoldgirl! I have this in several colors, and it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing I own. I usually wear it like it’s shown, with jeans, but you can wear it to work, dress it up, wear it casually, etc. It comes in a huge variety of different solid colors and prints, so I like to get them in my kids’ school colors to show a little school spirit too!! The sizing on this runs a little big, so you if you’re on the fence order a size down.  It also comes in petite sizes.

There are a few pieces that fall into the “Honorable Mentions” category.  They weren’t top sellers, but they were clicked on the most out of any other product I linked to in my posts and videos.  Most of the top 10 overlapped with the top sellers, but there were a few interesting standouts that I wanted to highlight here.  I’d say curiosity was the motivating factor behind clicking on these links:


So there you have it, the viewers’ favorites from 2016.  We are finally all done looking back, so let’s get on with moving forward into 2017!! I can’t wait to see what turns into our favorites from THIS year!!



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