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Ulta HaulI prefer to do most of my shopping online, but every once in awhile I want immediate gratification, which in makeup land means going to Ulta, because going to Sephora involves a trip to the mall, and there’s nothing immediate about that parking and walking situation! I’ve been hearing a lot about the Makeup Revolution line that’s now carried at Ulta, so I went to get a quick look and maybe pick up a few things, which quickly turned into a haul.

I have a love/hate relationship with Ulta. Online, I love ordering from there, because they have the same sales online as they do in store and pretty much everything I want is in stock. Going into an actual store, however, is almost always disappointing. This trip was no different. They were sold out of most of the Makeup Revolution products, the rest of the store was pretty picked over as well, and…I SAW THE MANAGER USE A TARTE LIP LINER TO LINE AND FILL IN HER LIPS STRAIGHT FROM THE TESTER AND THEN SHE PUT IT RIGHT BACK WITHOUT SANITIZING IT!!! GROSS. So…there was that.

In spite of probable health code violations, I still managed to pick up some nice things. I was pleasantly surprised by the cost and the quality of the Makeup Revolution products. Please give me some more recommendations of what else to get from that line!

The product I’m most excited about grabbing is the Too Faced Bon Bons Palette. I tried to hold off, but I just had to have it. The other two Too Faced Chocolate palettes are my two all-time favorites, so how could I not have this one? So far, I LOVE it!

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  1. MUR has been in the UK for a Year or so now and everything is ridiculously good quality for ridiculously good prices. I’ve already hit pan on 2 colors in the Hot spice blush palette, sugar and spice blush palette is great (couple of misses in both) golden sugar blush is more of a highlight palette for all skin tones so has been used very rarely and the radiant lights highlight palette is pretty too for an all over glow. But nothing will beat Hourglass for that. Eyeshadows are off the chart when weighed up against their price – bit of fallout but that’s a small price to pay. Flawless Matte is great. Although the lighter colors are a bit on the chalky side. The range is expanding all the time and they ship internationally so don’t wait for Ulta to carry the whole line. Can’t wait for the haul video. Kx

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