The Weekly Vlog 2016 // Edition #20

Erin from Busbee Style, Lisa from Lisa J Makeup, and Marnie from MsGoldgirl at YouTube Creator Day AustinI still can’t believe how this week started.  I mean, I knew we were going to be a little tired from all the running around at Ole Miss Orientation (they have a jam-packed schedule of classes/lectures/activities for parents AND students), but nothing prepared me for the all-nighter we pulled!  When I left you last week, we did make it alive to Oxford, MS, but just barely!  Little did I know that it would take me almost a week to recover from not sleeping for 36 hours!! #ImTooOldForThis!

When we got back to San Antonio on Wednesday evening, the fun didn’t end!  Friday I drove up to Austin to participate in Austin’s first (hopefully annual) YouTube Creator Day.  You had to be invited to attend and the purpose of the day was to teach YouTube Creators how to better utilize all the tools YouTube provides, how to get more views, etc.  It was interesting to meet so many other creative people, and it was an opportunity to hang out with Erin all day, but the highlight was meeting some subscribers of mine that are also YouTubers.  And it was neat to take a peek at the YouTube/Google offices!Marnie from MsGoldgirl at YouTube Creator Day Austin

Saturday was spent running around getting last minute Father’s Day Gifts.  I had ordered a few ahead of time, but Michael has discovered an interest in power tools (Lord help us), so I decided to enable his delusions of being on Fixer Upper and bought him an introductory power tool set.  Let’s hope everyone’s fingers remain attached to their hands!!

Sunday was all about Michael and the wonderful, amazing, supportive, generous father that he is.  He spent the morning playing golf, then we fed him his favorite foods and gave him his presents.  It was a perfect day for him!

Now for the weekly housekeeping!  Don’t forget that my YouTube channel is on a summer schedule-vlogs on Sundays, regular videos on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Here are the videos from last week in case you still haven’t seen them!

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Marnie Goldberg wearing a Lilly Pulitzer DressMy Summer Wardrobe Basics

Thanks again for spending another week with me!  If you want to keep up with what I’m doing in between vlogs, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.  I post daily (sometimes several times a day) and it’s where you can also get last minute notices about sales and other great deals!  See you there!

Watch this week’s vlog!


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