Best Gift Ideas For Mothers Day AND Graduation

Best Gifts For Mothers Day and GraduationIt may seem odd to combine two completely different events into one blog post, but graduation and Mother’s Day come so close to each other, and many of these gifts can be easily given to a mother or a new graduate. Clearly some of these gift ideas are more suited to one or the other, but as a mother myself, I’d be happy to receive pretty much any of the gifts on this list.

Everyone has different ideas about budget and how much they want to spend, I personally have a range depending on how close we are to the child graduating. There is one gift that requires almost nothing in the way of spending but is something the recipient will surely treasure for years to come-a heartfelt letter telling them how much they mean to you, how much you admire them, and how much you love them. However, if you insist on also giving a tangible gift, I have a few ideas below. Before you get to the list, I did want to share that I have a discount code from and their parent company, Graphic Image, for 30% off site wide. It’s good through May 11th and the code is MOM30. They make beautiful leather goods, including , , , and datebooks, all of which make great gifts. Now on to the list…

Of course, if none of those ideas work for you, you can always give a gift certificate. College students will never say no to gift certificates from Uber, Lyft, any place that serves food, Starbucks, Apple, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Container Store, Playstation (that’s mostly a boy thing), GrubHub, basically any food delivery service, any laundry service, or simply cold, hard cash. The will be eternally grateful!

That’s it for my ideas for Graduation and Mother’s Day 2019. My brain is mostly focused on graduation this year-my baby is graduating from high school in June and leaving for a freshman summer session the end of June. Life as I know it will be very different in just a few weeks! Please leave your suggestions for gifts for Mother’s Day and Graduation in the comments below, as well as ways to keep my sanity (just kidding). I can’t wait to read your comments!

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